UN High Representative Angela Kane interviewed by Sputnik (Russia) about nuclear disarmament

8th December 2014

The world’s five confirmed nuclear powers do not seem to be keen to start negotiating nuclear disarmament, and want to keep nuclear weapons in their military doctrines, Angela Kane, UN High Representative for Disarmament said Monday. “We must state very clearly that the nuclear powers continue to say that nuclear weapons are part of their military doctrines, there has been no claim that this has changed and that means that they are maintaining their nuclear weapons,” Kane told the press on the sidelines of the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons. The club of nations possessing nuclear weapons consists of the UN Security Council’s five permanent member states: Russia, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and France, or the so-called P5. Kane noted that Moscow and Washington own the main share of the world’s overall nuclear arsenal. The UN official said P5 countries “could be doing more” to eliminate nuclear weapons and thus the risk of their use. (Sputnik)

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[source: Sputnik]