Conference on Disarmament: CD Considers Three Draft Proposals

26th March 2015

The CD held a plenary meeting yesterday morning. Mohamed Auajjar of Morocco, President of the CD, referred to the three draft decisions currently being considered by Members of the Conference.  During his informal consultations he took note of constructive proposals and the strong desire of States to revitalize the CD.  The three draft texts dealt with the renewal of the mandate of the informal working group on a programme of work, a schedule of activities for the Conference, and the establishment of an informal working group on the methods of work of the Conference.  The President said he would continue informal negotiations on the draft texts.
In general statements, States commended Acting Secretary-General of the Conference Michael Møller for convening the first CD Civil Society Forum on 19 March 2015, saying it had allowed for fruitful dialogue with civil society on the issue of nuclear disarmament.

The following States took the floor in today’s plenary: Pakistan, Colombia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Russia


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[source: UNOG]