3D Printing Demonstration from Field Ready Nepal

6th September 2017

KATHMANDU (6 September 2017) UNRCPD welcomed Field Ready Nepal[1] into the office to receive a series of presentations and demonstrations of current and emerging 3-D technologies.

The presentations were delivered by Field Ready staff Ben Britton, Ram Chandra Thapa, Kieran Ram and Marjolein van der Male and focused on 3-D printing related to:

  1. Background and technical explanation of 3-D printing
  2. Manufacturing of small arms and light weapons; both plastic and metallic
  3. Potential as a dual-use technology, particularly in the bio-medical industry by Non-State Actors potentially printing biological weapons such as anthrax, small pox, etc.

Emerging technologies are considered one of the greatest challenges to international disarmament efforts. The dual-use and disruptive impact of 3D printing in creating weapons, synthetic biology, and autonomous weapons systems present new and unique challenges on international security, including disarmament and non-proliferation, and international law. Great international efforts are required to ensure international laws can keep pace with these rapidly evolving industries and technologies.

[1] Field Ready is a humanitarian NGO that specializes in using advanced technologies to transform the logistics process normally required in the distribution of aid by using 3D printing technology as well as laser cutters to deliver field-ready aid and humanitarian supplies directly to those in need, bypassing the usual and often difficult supply-chain processes of aid delivery from one country to another. They also provide training on these technologies to build capacity of local populations.

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