22 new signatures at Arms Trade Treaty High-Level Event at UN Headquarters

26th September 2013

The Arms Trade Treaty resolution Co-authors organized a high-level event to support progress towards the ATT’s entry into force and implementation on 25 September at UN Headquarters. The event was held to coincide with the annual General Assembly high-level debate. 22 member states, including the USA and seven countries from Asia and the Pacific (Malaysia, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Nauru, Kiribati, Philippines, and Samoa) signed the Arms Trade Treaty, bringing the total number of ATT signatory states to 112. The total number of ratifications sits at 7. Click here for information from the high-level event. See a list of states that have signed and ratified the ATT, and learn more about UNRCPD’s work on the Arms Trade Treaty here. [source: UNRCPD]