International Day of Peace 2023: Nurturing the tomorrow’s leaders in The British School, Kathmandu

KATHMANDU, 21 September 2023 — The British School in Kathmandu marked the International Day of Peace 2023 with a special assembly featuring the United Nations Regional Centre for Peace and Disarmament in Asia and the Pacific (UNRCPD). The event was aimed at fostering an understanding of “Peace and Disarmament” among students, elucidating the importance of disarmament, and encouraging active participation in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Over three hundred participants, comprising students from both junior and high school divisions as well as the teachers attended the assembly. UNRCPD was happy to be a part of such gatherings as they serve as opportunities for the Centre to engage young minds and to interface directly with them on the concept of peace and disarmament.

[Picture 1] Mr. Deepayan Basu Ray introduced the work of UNRCPD

Mr. Deepayan Basu Ray, Director of UNRCPD, initiated the session by drawing attention to the organization’s activities in Nepal. Highlighting the intrinsic relationship between achieving sustainable peace and the critical aspect of disarmament, Mr. Basu Ray provided a global context while bringing focus to regional activities. He also touched upon the significance of involving the youth in these discussions, emphasizing that today’s students are tomorrow’s peace ambassadors.

Following Mr. Basu Ray’s introduction, the assembly was presented with a video commemorating the International Day of Peace 2023. The video, which featured a message from UN Secretary-General António Guterres, tackled the pressing challenges confronting the world today, from environmental concerns to sociopolitical issues. It emphasized the need for proactive steps, particularly from the younger generation, to expedite progress towards the SDGs.

[Picture 2] Mr. Aaron Junhoung Yoo explained what disarmament means

Diving deeper into the core topic, Mr. Aaron Junhoung Yoo, Deputy Director, unpacked the concept of disarmament for the students. He highlighted how disarmament wasn’t just about reducing weapons but also about ensuring a stable, peaceful environment where conflicts due to arms races are prevented, and allowing resources to be diverted to saving lives and promote development. The interaction aimed to help the students grasp the nuances of global peace initiatives and understand the underlying rationale behind them.

[Picture 3] Ms. Shristi Tamrakar delved into the Sustainable Development Goals and its relevance to disarmament

Ms. Shristi Tamrakar, a Political Affairs Intern with UNRCPD, steered the conversation towards the SDGs, giving an overview of the progress made in this arena. Her focus was on Goal 16, which aims at promoting peace, justice, and strong institutions. Through her talk, students were acquainted with the tangible steps being taken globally and regionally to achieve these goals.

[Picture 4] Ms. Rainbow Yang emphasized the power of the individual to bring about global change

Highlighting the importance of individual effort, Ms. Rainbow Yan Tsz Pang, a UN Volunteer in Public Information at UNRCPD, spoke about the power of volunteerism. She drove home the message that every individual, regardless of their age or profession, has the potential to contribute to global goals. This portion of the session served as a call to action, motivating students to take up roles, no matter how small, in creating a peaceful and sustainable world.

[Picture 5] Mr. Boyi Zhang led active discussions during the Q&A session

A lively Q&A session, moderated by Mr. Boyi Zhang, Political Affairs Intern, ensued. The range of questions posed by the students was testament to their interest and enthusiasm. Queries spanned from the intricacies of global peace agreements to the organizational structure of the United Nations, reflecting the students’ broad spectrum of curiosity.

UNRCPD works in cooperation with partners to engage young people, educators, experts and government officials to ensure that the people are informed with accurate and timely information about disarmament, nonproliferation and arms control. For more information, please contact