Strengthening the Capacity of the Media in Advocating and Promoting Peace and Disarmament

Start Date: Jan 20 2011
End Date: Jan 21 2010
Location: Beijing, China
Meeting Hosted By: Government of China
Meeting Supported By: Government of China
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The media plays an important role connecting government to people, as well as raising awareness about disarmament issues. With the goal of strengthening the regional media’s capacity to report on complex international disarmament-related issues, the UNRCPD invited international experts to give presentations on major disarmament and non-proliferation themes to 50 media representatives. Coming from 11 East and Southeast Asian countries, the workshop allowed participants to discuss various disarmament and arms control-related topics and initiatives, such as steps towards a nuclear-weapon-free world, and new modalities for co-operation between the media, civil society and international organisations. The workshop was carried out with the generous support of Government of China